Saturday, September 27, 2008

Supercalifashionista Is...

Building a tornado, stuffing witch legs, designing a "Galaxy Gown," composing a magazine cover and coveting some Christian Louboutins (below).

Don't we all wish we could live Sex and the City? *Verbal Sigh* Well after an extremely stressful two weeks, I intend to spend the day rehashing with Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda! 

Be back soon!

Tune of the Day: Click Flash by Ciara

Infinite Xs and Os,

Thursday, September 11, 2008

This One Won't Give You a Lisp

Oh those awkward days of the orthodontia: Repeatedly lisping while reading your essay to the class, yanking watermelon Bubble Yum from your wires, leaving a trail of bracket bands wherever you go. Yeah. Been there, done that - for two and a half years. Thankfully, the eclectic "Retainer Necklace" (above) by Kiel Mead doesn't cause overactive salivation and you don't have to attempt to conceal it with a "Mona Lisa smile" on picture day. I call it "An ode to your awkward stage." I also found the "Forget Me Nots," "Freck Specs," "Gum" and "Key Rings" (below, clockwise) quirkily adorable.

Tune of the Day: Anthems for a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl by Broken Social Scene

Infinite Xs and Os,

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Falling Deeply In Love With Fall

Despite the ample yard waste (which I was shoved in, above), autumn is my favorite season of all. Don't get me wrong, the cozy cardigans, array of plaids and chunky-knit scarves are fabulous, though I have to say that I love fall for the sake, of well...fall! The crisp air, colorful leaves (which I happen to enjoy jumping in) and high school football games are what makes this season my absolute favorite.

My high school happens worship the sport of football, which includes dressing to the nines for each and every game. Our school colors are crimson, ivory and ebony, in other words, every student is coated in red, white and black on game day. Sometimes there are themes we dress out for, which have included "Hunting Season" and "Toga Night." I honestly have no idea who coordinates these events, though I have to say they do a great job of spreading the word, as last week not a soul in sight wasn't wearing camouflage or neon orange. This week our theme is "Red Out", we are to done our brightest reds to support our team.

My plan of action to support the team (which includes my homecoming date!): A Rugby tee (below, left) and knee-socks (below, right). I discovered Rugby awhile ago while on vacation in San Francisco and fell in love with the Ralph Lauren branch's "rustic prep" styles. I like to call it "Edgy with a popped collar!"

A slightly embarrassing fact: My friend and I signed up for our school's rugby team, thinking we could don our fabulous Rugby rugbys for the games. After some quite graphic descriptions of injuries acquired from the sport which apparently is football without pads, we realized that we'd have to save our darling shirts for golf team.

Tune of the Day: Elvis Ain't Dead by Scouting For Girls

Infinite Xs and Os,

P.S. I know, I know, I've been a bad blogger, but I vow to correct this bad habit while maintaining a mildly decent Physics grade!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Blissfully Betsy

The hunt is over.

Supercalifashionista's 2008 homecoming attire, courtesy of Betsy Johnson.

Tune of the Day: Sensual Seduction by Snoop Dog

Infinite Xs and Os,
(a shopped-out) Supercalifashionista