Thursday, August 28, 2008

Supercalifashionista is Back!

Photo: Affrin

Yes! I'm back! No, I did not fall into a vat of toxic waste! I am indeed alive and well contrary to my blogging habits. Yeesh. I sincerely apologizing for not posting sooner. Sophomore year has been...crazy. Crazy-good and crazy-stressful. From my Physics teacher who makes me want to accelerate my fist into a wall to endless Spanish conjugation packets, it has been a stressful couple of weeks! But I have a feeling this year is going to be my best yet, allowing me to learn more than I have ever before. Okay, I'm becoming bit of a corn-dog now, but I love to learn.

The class I have to say I am most excited for is Mass Communications, the prerequisite for my high school's newspaper. We just finished watching a biographical film called Shattered Glass telling the tale of Stephen Glass, a twenty-three year-old reporter at The New Republic who wrote twenty-seven fabricated articles which included fake quotations, sources and events. Glass event went as far to have his brother set-up phone numbers and websites when another magazine questioned his sources. 

I have to say, that Hayden Christensen is quite the cutie.

Tune of the Day: So Much To Say by Matthew Puckett

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gossip Geek

Who isn't mind-boggling-ly excited for the premiere of Gossip Girl's season two on September first? *Nerdy snickers* Above is a picture of the filming of one of my favorite episodes, "All About My Brother" that my friend Caroline (who lives in New York) took. Anyway, I have twelve long school-filled days until this blessed event. I have a total girl-crush on Blair Waldorf (there was actually a great article this summer's Teen Vogue about girl-crushes - which aren't actual crushes, rather extreme admiration towards another girl). Who doesn't love a fierce attitude and a wardrobe to match?

Though I'm not a fan of tees, this "Team Blair" shirt from Fred Flare is soon to be shipped to my door! 

Tune of the Day: Beat Control by Tilly and the Wall

Infinite Xs and Os,

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Fabulous First Day

Despite my previous (rather depressing) post's predictions, I had a fabulous first day of school! Last night my dad and I had our little "the night before the first day" chat over bowls of cereal and Frasier, in which he always quips "_____ grade is the best grade of all! You have the most fun, everything is so great during your _____ grade year!" Despite his slightly annoying attempts to be humorous, my dad made me think: I'm going to make my tenth grade year my best year yet.

Dress: American Apparel
Sweater: J. Crew
Shoes: lmpo
Bag: MARC by Marc Jacobs
Bracelets: Vintage

Adding to the beginning of my "best year ever" was the purchase of my new MARC by Marc Jacobs sling bag which my mom reasoned was a "school purse" (like I'd carry all of my books in a purse, that job is left to "Old Reliable": My not-as-fashionable North Face backpack). Another addition to the beginning of this fabulous school year? My haircut: Swingy blonde layers and side-swept bangs.

Tune of the Day: Academia by Sia

Infinite Xs and Os,

Monday, August 11, 2008

Melancholy Monday

Two days, five hours and nineteen minutes until my sophomore year of high school begins. Two days, five hours and nineteen minutes until I put away my (rather childish) sparkle sandals (that I adore), trade my pool tote for a backpack and watch my tan lines fade.

Summer's almost gone!

Tune of the Day: Summer's Gone by Aberfeldy

Infinite Xs and Os,

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Dinner/Breakfast Club

I went to school from 8:45 PM to 7:00 AM. Running through the halls, posing next to our devil-of-a-biology teacher's office, dancing on the dugout by the baseball field. No teachers, no limit on my camera's memory card.

More later! For now, I have to babysit, which probably won't be that easy given I'm running on fifteen minutes of sleep!

Tune of the Day: Ce Jeu by Yelle

Infinite Xs and Os,
(a sleep-deprived) Supercalifashionista

Sunday, August 3, 2008

L.C. Will Not Be Pleased

I am currently on the hunt for the perfect homecoming dress! Even though the dance is in October, I just really want to have an excuse to be browsing online for hours. Yesterday, my hunt began to veer off track as I headed to the Kitson site (Kitson doesn't really carry formal dresses). On the homepage was this (below):

Why won't L.C. be pleased? L.C.'s line has been dropped by Kitson boutiques, while Heidi Montag's (above, left) line, Heidiwood for Anchorblue, sold out at Kitson stores. The Hills stars are, shall we say, "frenemies".

Though Heidi is portrayed in the adored reality show as the villain, she takes the prize in terms of her line. It's not really my style, but Lauren's line (above) consists of over-priced basics with identical styles available at Fred Flare, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and American Apparel for a sixth of the price.

Come on L.C.!

Tune of the Day: Foundations by Kate Nash

Infinite Xs and Os,

Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Facial Expression Says It All

  • School starts in eleven days.
  • I have a thirteen page summer reading packet to complete.
  • I'm currently battling a random stomach bug that has prohibited me from consuming a morsel of food in two days!
What's a girl to do! I think that picture of me (above) is hilarious. While typing my essay for the packet, my friend Kate took that extremely attractive snapshot without my knowledge and proceeded to plaster it on Facebook. My (faux) fur throw looks like a dead badger laying on my chest!

Well, I'm just letting you darlings all know that despite my lack of blogging, I'm still alive! As soon as this summer reading is done, I shall be back on board with blogging.

Tune of the Day: One Step At a Time by Jordin Sparks

Infinite Xs and Os,